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“Everyone has their own mantra”

-Russell Brand

Many steps make mountains. It has been a personal mantra over my life; when repeated its helped me both climb peaks and get through some of life’s more difficult lessons. Just putting one foot in front of the other, staying the course, moving relentlessly towards the goal – this is what success, summits and the triumphs of life are all made up of.  This will be a collection – thoughts, memories, stories and trip reports, gear reviews, photographs – recounting as many of these ‘steps’ for posterity and from slipping from my already fleeting memory.


Many Steps Make Mountains is Ben & Lindsay Hogan from Truckee, California.



I am an avid outdoor enthusiast- my energy is always focused on backcountry ski mountaineering but I also find joy in any other activities that allow me to interact with the larger, natural world. I fund my addiction to mountains and skiing by working as a physician assistant. I love writing and have a budding interest in photography.


The Hogan Family
Version 2
Clambering up a ridge on the Spearhead Traverse, British Columbia, Canada










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