High Sierra – A Reconnaissance Mission to the East Side

“Why not…?”

-Zack Holm

dsc_0571Zack and I went to check out the snow conditions outside of Bridgeport, California, the northern reach of the “High Sierra”. We parked near Mono Village and hiked up Horse Creek drainage towards Matterhorn Peak. Our travel was relatively slow due to hiking in ski boots on snow covered boulders and rocks. It ended up being a great long hike with views of amazing ski terrain.  I’ll definitely be back after a few more storms!dsc_0586Screen Shot 2016-12-07 at 1.02.45 PM.pngdsc_0585dsc_0597dsc_0604dsc_0605dsc_0611dsc_0614dsc_0630dsc_0644dsc_0638dsc_0639dsc_0651dsc_0660dsc_0616dsc_0684dsc_0693dsc_0696dsc_0705dsc_0708dsc_0714dsc_0710dsc_0718

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