A beautiful day on Silver Peak…

“If you go anywhere, even paradise, you will miss your home.”

-Malala Yousafzai 

It felt like winter in the morning and then back to spring as the sun shined down but Sara BC and I found some more Tahoe powder to ski. Silver Peak is an aesthetic local peak, just outside Squaw Valley, with gorgeous north and east running bowls off the summit. The summit looks down onto Squaw Valley which is a closer approach, but we avoided it due to parking and it being a busy Saturday, and opted for the longer skin from CA89.

Silver Peak with Sara BC

Silver Peak with Sara BC-2

Silver Peak with Sara BC-3
Silver Peak’s east bowl
Silver Peak with Sara BC-4
Gnarled ridge-top tree

Silver Peak with Sara BC-5Silver Peak with Sara BC-6

Silver Peak with Sara BC-7
Looking north on the Sierra Crest

Silver Peak with Sara BC-8

Silver Peak with Sara BC-9
Sara BC approaching the summit
Silver Peak with Sara BC-10
From the summit of Silver, looking down on a busy Saturday at Squaw Valley

Silver Peak with Sara BC-11Silver Peak with Sara BC-12Silver Peak with Sara BC-13

Silver Peak with Sara BC-14
Silver Peak, East Bowl

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