British Columbia 2018 – a few more photos…

“Don’t cry because it is over, smile because it happened.”

-Dr Seuss

Well, quite some time has passed….

The remainder of the photos from our trip to BC in February remain largely un-edited but I did want to get out the few that had been completed. Whether it is attributed to the fits and starts of this ski season compared to last winter’s record-breaking snow fall, or the learning curve associated with managing thousands of images on Lightroom, my photo blogging has lagged…


I think I will still continue to do this but lately it has been a bit less of a priority – I really love sharing beautiful pictures of what we encounter in the mountains and I do want to continue… I just need to tweak the timing and editing process to streamline a bit…

In the meantime – here’s where we left off in British Columbia….

Mt Cheops from Grizzly Shoulder

These photos are from two of our days ski touring Roger’s Pass. The first day we trekked up Grizzly Shoulder, up to the saddle of Little Sifton and into the next drainage down to the Hermit Parking area. Despite the good snow quality on the descent we had relatively poor visibility making terrain management a bit challenging. It was a wonderful day and a gorgeous tour.

Sara and Mt Sifton
Zack on our long descent back to the highway
The sun poked out just enough for PK to make it look good!
Mt Sir Donald

On day #2 at Roger’s Pass we set out once again with bone chilling morning temperatures. Granted, we are from California (well, originally Minnesota!) – but I have never toured while wearing so many jackets and winter gear; it was truly cold. Layering, pacing and taking breaks is a whole different thing in -20F!!

Pack is light; wearing everything.

Nonetheless we headed up towards Mt Sir Donald and Uto Peak, in the Asulkan drainage. The winds had made for very variable supportive / unsupportive crust in the Alpine but the views were world-class.


Making our way up to The Overlook


That’s our guide finding the entrance to our next line!


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