Icefall Lodge – February 2019 – 2 years ago

May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view. May your mountains rise into and above the clouds.

-Edward Abbey

Two years ago this month was a different time! I was restless and looking to travel but didn’t have any ski buddies with the same window of time to get out of town. Consequently, I ended up finding a single open slot on trip to a heli-accessed backcountry ski-touring operation in British Columbia; the fairly well-known Icefall Lodge. It ended up being a great week of skiing a variety of conditions, but ultimately getting some sunshine powder skiing by week’s end. The food was incredible and the terrain was some of the best in the world! I never got around to posting photographs from the week. Since anyone who can leave Tahoe right now is skiing in Utah, Wyoming or Washington… since I am not charging out the door this morning to chase snow here in the Sierra… here’s a photo blast from a great week in February, 2019.

Getting dropped off by helicopter for the week. Looking out from my bunk room as I unpack.
Guide ski farmin’
Gear room downstairs in the lodge.
Me and a bunch of Utah doctors
Guide serviced skin track chopping on wind board
Spectacular views in all directions
Low-angle party wave
Under glacier views
In the glacier views
…and finally, it snowed!
…and then the sun came out!
Glacier touring
Beautiful skin track through the glacier
Clownin’ with doctors
…and just like that we were headed home.

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  1. Ben!

    So fun to see your adventure. Hope you are well (though it looks like you are!)


    BLAINE HOGAN | DIRECTOR recent work instagram vimeo

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