Grover Hot Springs & Burnside Lake Trail Run – July 2016

“Life is short, running makes it seem much longer.”



Overnight adventure running series for the Hogan Family continues this summer. Earlier this season we travelled down past South Lake Tahoe en route to Grover Hot Springs for a run and a soak. We left late in the day after work and found ourselves pulling into a perfect primitive campsite along Hot Springs Creek between Markleeville and the Grover Hot Springs Park.

Dropped down a steep gravel trail from the Hot Springs Road, down along the Hot Springs Creek. Perfect home for the night.
Great primitive camping spots south of the road along Hot Springs Creek.

The weather threatened some hot temperatures so we got on the trail early. We drove up to the nice shaded trees over the parking lot just beyond the Grover Hot Springs Pool and started the run from there.

Gorgeous views and quickly steepening grades characterize the beginning of this run (which becomes a ‘hike’ through the first few miles). The Burnside Lake Trail that we followed was relatively minimally travelled but well-marked and vertical. We climbed about 2400′ over the first 3.5-4 miles!

Burnside Trail from Grover Hot Springs up to Burnside Lake.
Cruising up the hillside.
Straight UP to the lake.

We ran a little less than 6 miles and about 2400′ in elevation gain, getting us to Burnside Lake. Having little research prior to this trip, we were surprised to see cars, campers and people fishing Burnside Lake; having driven in from the northwest on Burnside Lake Road. We rinsed our feet in the lake for a moment and struck off back down hill towards our hot springs soak ahead.


Lindsay showed some fancy footwork, flying through the bushes on the descent! We made up some time on our descent having been slowed down by the vert on the way up.

Many steps going down em too…
Gorgeous views of the valley.

Before long we had completed just shy of 12 miles and were back at the truck. After resting in the shade we made our way over to the hot springs pools.

Strava Data
A well-earned fruity ale after the run.

Grover Hot Springs is a State Park with a traditional medium-sized, swimming pool, hot pool as well as a campground, picnic area and some hiking trails. We showered, rested, swam and soaked – then made our way back up around beautiful Lake Tahoe – and home.



Helpful Links:

Grover Hot Springs State Park – California Department of Parks and Rec website

Hillmap – the best online mapping site



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