Product Review – The North Face – Better Than Naked™ – Trail Running Short

“Naked people have little or no influence on society.”

-Mark Twain

The North Face Better Than Naked™ Long Haul Running Short.

I love these running shorts.

I don’t usually have such a strong endorsement for something as basic and utilitarian as a pair of shorts to go running in; but this set delivers in spades. The North Face Better Than Naked™ Long Haul short lives up to its name and feels like nearly nothing while wearing. I don’t know why it has taken decades to find a short with nice lightweight compression short-style liner and lightweight over-short material. Finally, the days of the tightey-whitey briefs-style liner are no longer (if you so choose, there are still some out there too if that’s your thing).

TNF Better Than Naked Long Haul running shorts; taking a dip in Lake Tahoe.

I have logged many miles in these shorts and have found very little problems. The material is all top-notch and I have had no issues with durability or construction of the shorts. The shorts are unique in that they have a wide band of spandex type material that makes up the waist best. Mesh overlies the waist band with intervals of stitching making pockets all around the waist and a zippered pocket in back for a cell phone. The mesh pockets help carry a wide variety of items. I have used the pockets for small (5oz) compressible water bottles or for a multitude of energy bars, etc. There are small sleeves sown into the outside of the liner on the thighs; like little bandolier-style gu pockets, across the front of each thigh. These shorts have more pockets than you will know what to do with.

I do not like how the draw string within the wide waist belt is placed in the middle rather than at the top of the material. If the shorts and pockets are loaded with much weigh this draw string placement makes the waist somewhat awkward; kind of rolling over itself at times. I have read online that other runners have had inseam blow outs that have been pretty disastrous; where I have had no issues there.

In review, I have found these shorts to be an amazing addition to my summer trail running set. I have washed them regularly due to being kind of obsessed with running in the same shirt and shorts as much as possible this summer and they’ve held up great so far.

SPECIFICATIONS:  The North Face Better Than Naked™ Long Haul Shorts

  • Reflective material spaced to be see from from all directions
  • Quick drying and wicking, very lightweight with TNF’s FlashDry™ material
  • Tons of storage capacity and big phone pocket in back
  • 7″ inseam on built in compression shorts to reduce chafing
  • MSRP: $65
Finish line sprint at RTO, Tahoe.

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  1. I think the wide spandex waist belt looks super comfy, these might work well for hot weather rock climbing under my harness. Thanks for the review!


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