Halloween Powder Turns in Tahoe

“Winter is not a season, it’s an occupation.”

– Sinclair Lewis

Ben N. getting after some Halloween powder

October 31, 2016hs1

Ben, Lindsay, Peter, Dave and myself

The fall rains turned to some high country snow and it seems many in Tahoe were ready and waiting. Our group left the trail head just after dawn and enjoyed a beautiful sunrise. Coverage was low but spirits were high and we made good time to the top. I was impressed with how well the snow skied. Slightly dense wind-buffed powder with an icy ground-crust base beneath that made for smooth and fast skiing. There was surprisingly little sounds of scraping rocks or core shots (don’t get me wrong; there were plenty – just not nearly as many as expected!) All in all, I was pumped. I mean, we got to rip some wide open powder turns this Halloween!hs4hs5hs2hs8hs9hs6hs34hs29hs12hs21hs14hs15hs10hs16hs19hs20hs22hs25hs23hs24hs26hs27hs28hsfeaturehs33hs31

Skiing felt so good today. I really needed that. Happy Halloween!

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  1. Stunning! Still waiting for snow here in Europe

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