Solo Sunrise on Relay Peak -Early Season Powder Skiing in Tahoe

“It is better to go skiing and think of God, than to go to church and think of sport.”

– Fridtjof Nansen


November 2, 2016

Early morning hiking seemed like the only way I was going to get at the brief window of powder that fell yesterday while I was forced to go to work. The forecast implied no more skiing for at least a week or two, so I had to go find what remained from the day before to get my fix of early season turns. It was a beautiful morning watching the sunlight wash over Mount Rose and the Tahoe Basin.r2r7r4r8r9

A striking blanket of clouds covered Truckee and the I-80 corridor with clear blue skies stretching out above.
There she is…


The early sun hitting the Bronco Chutes as they peak through the trees, it’s crazy how much winter snow can change this terrain.


Sweet shot of a random skier who passed near me as I climbed the skin track. Let me know if this is you and I’ll send you some pictures.


Each time I got to the top I looked back down at this! Powder turns for breakfast!


This tour typically involves a day of pretty decent mileage and on the exit skin I passed some guys, one of whom didn’t have ski poles and was using two large sticks as poles. As I chatted with his buddy about the snow conditions, he quickly interjected “Where is home for you?”, “Truckee”, I replied. “Maybe we can work out some sort of deal for those poles?” Needless to say, later in the evening I realized I thought his buddy I had been talking with looked familiar, I checked Facebook, and sure enough there I am on Daron Rahlves’ Facebook feed with sticks for poles; I guess it’s a small community here!

Daron’s buddy, Jason, forgot his ski poles and I traded him my poles for these sticks as I was skinning back to the truck. The sticks actually worked pretty well and my poles were leaning against my front door when I got home later last night. Small town livin’!



Another beautiful day in the Basin. What an amazing place to call home.




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  1. Amazing pictures Ben! I feel the peace, tranquility and awe just looking at them. Your writing it fun and descriptive…experiencing it with you. Well done!!! ❤️

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  2. Indeed, you are in touch with an important source of deep strength & beauty. God??

    Lovely pictures


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  3. These posts are fueling my stoke for the upcoming season. I’m loving your blog. Keep it up.

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  4. Ben- thanks for sharing your day and capturing all those great images. It was a sweet one and to crack it on dawn patrol like that is awesome. Love seeing Lake Tahoe so calm as it was and quality snow in the mtns. Keep sharing your time out there. Your generosity and trust in us for lending your poles made Jason’s day much better. See you out there! Daron

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  5. Skiing and work in the same day, I like that! 🙂


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