Low Tide Early Season Skiing – A GoPro Reminder To Take It Easy….

“If you’re getting rad and there’s no one there to see it, are you really getting rad?”


We all experience that same phenomenon, when the first cold weather comes, and all of a sudden, your mind shifts, all in a rush you remember winter, snow and the joy of skiing.

Now that I am older, I simultaneously remind myself: “Chill out. It’ll still be awhile. Be patient.” Even when we do get to ski early, remember, it might look like winter, but give it some time until it really is! Here’s a little GoPro reminder to take ‘er easy until it’s time!

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  1. “Directed by BPH” indeed.

    We still have your big jump st Welch big picture in family room!😜😃😄⛷⛷

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