Twin Peaks to Stanford Rock – Exploring Ward Canyon

“Insomnia is my greatest inspiration.”

-Jon Stewart

January 14, 2017

Peter and I had a great time exploring Ward Canyon and skiing the prominent classic line in the area, Twin Peaks. Peter expertly navigated us back up to Stanford Rock and to some fine powder skiing in the trees. All in all a beautiful day to explore the West shore.

I hope the Tahoe crew headed to Japan this week has a great time! Bring back lot’s of photos and advice for us since we will be headed that way in February!

Peter finding some soft snow below Twin Peaks


Headed up through the inversion layer
Our objective: Twin Peaks


Blanket of inversion clouds filling Blackwood Canyon
Approaching the south aspect of Twin Peaks
Clouds spilling out of Blackwood Canyon over Lake Tahoe


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  1. My home for 30 years


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