The Elusive Perfect Turn – Skiing, Snow & Rain – Winter 2017 in California

   “The snow doesn’t give a soft white damn whom it touches.”

-E.E. Cummings


Winter 2017 has sure been a doozy up here in the Sierras! We have had a number of record breaking snow and rainfall making for a truly memorable winter season. The skiing has been good up high but certainly limited by the sheer number of stormy, windy days here in Tahoe. The snow levels have stayed relatively high but we have been able to get out and find powder nearly every time we have attempted it!

Between the snow, our travels, work, writing and some technical difficulties with my camera I have lapsed a bit on the blog and wanted to post an update prior to leaving for Japan!

Lindsay and I will be headed to Hokkaido for the next two weeks and will be searching the Northern Japanese island for the best snow we can find. Feel free to message or post with recommendations! We plan to spend time in Niseko and Otaru, then head north to Asahidake and Furano.

Tall snow berms near Soda Springs
Truckee winter commuter
Snow taller than the STOP signs
Rolling power outages as trees are overloaded
The neighborhood from atop the giant snow berm
…about ‘street sign’ deep



A few shots from Jake’s Peak with Zack Mahone Photography a few weeks ago:

Photo Credit: Zach Mahone
Photo Credit: Zach Mahone
Photo credit: Zach Mahone


Here’s a shot of Zach M. cresting the top of Jake’s on a very windy day!


Photo credit: Zach Mahone

Feature image also from Zach Mahone Photography, check him out by clicking on the link!

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