Lake Tahoe – Snowing feet not inches… – Winter 2017 Photo Highlights

“Of all the mountain ranges I have climbed, I like the Sierra Nevada the best.”

-John Muir

This has been such an amazing season here in Tahoe. The precipitation just keeps coming, the base is deeper than it has been for years. Rarely skied lines have tracks down them. Without a doubt, this will be a season for the ages. We will say to one another, “do you remember that winter of 2017?”

It’s my drive through the snow to work, the digging in the driveway, the days without power to the house, the long lines of traffic each weekend, it’s searching around Safeway by phone flashlight; it’s an exhausting and more difficult winter; yet so great to see our community, pulling together and thriving!

I write this from a hotel room in Beijing, China. It’s about 230am here and we are trying to get our internal clocks reset in anticipation of flying to Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan!

Life has been crazy and busy as of late… Here’s another batch of photos from the last few weeks skiing! Enjoy.

Incline Peak with Lindsay:


Finding some warm powder in Deep Creek:


Dave getting deep in the powder
Jeff looks like he hates skiing…



Monika getting deep


Checking out Maggie’s North & South Peaks over Emerald Bay with Zack:


Another deep day in Deep Creek:


Here are a few of Zack’s photos from a day out at Bronco and Grey chutes area.


Some of Zack’s photography from Maggie’s Peaks:maggie-2maggie-3maggie-4maggie-5maggie-6

More to come! Next time from Japan! Sayonara!!

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  1. Wonderful! Been a very poor season here in Europe so very jealous of these photos


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