Exploring Horse Creek Canyon – Hoover Wilderness

“He who conquers himself is the mightiest warrior”


After a restful night in the camper beside the picturesque Twin Lakes we were ready once again to set off into the high country. Lindsay, Zack and myself poked our way through the Mono Village in search of a bridge over Robinson Creek and the trail up Horse Creek Canyon. The night’s freeze made for an icy snow surface and a spicy climb up the steep slope above the lake.

Horse Creek with Zack and LindsayHorse Creek with Zack and Lindsay-2

Horse Creek with Zack and Lindsay-3
Morning sun beginning to warm the snow

Horse Creek with Zack and Lindsay-4

Horse Creek with Zack and Lindsay-5
Beautiful amphitheater; Matterhorn Peak is the pointy one on the left

Horse Creek with Zack and Lindsay-6Horse Creek with Zack and Lindsay-7After nearly 6 miles of ski touring Lindsay decided pull up on a sunny rock to rest her eyes and her legs in the warming sunshine. She kept the camera with the zoom lens to try to get some shots of Zack and I as we continued up the drainage. We made our way up onto a lower flank of Matterhorn Peak, ripped skins and skied back down to Lindsay’s resting spot. Horse Creek with Zack and Lindsay-8Horse Creek with Zack and Lindsay-10

Horse Creek with Zack and Lindsay-11
Zack making ‘perfect turns’, while I’m all over the place looking for good snow… 

Horse Creek with Zack and Lindsay-13Horse Creek with Zack and Lindsay-14Horse Creek with Zack and Lindsay-16Horse Creek with Zack and Lindsay-17Horse Creek with Zack and Lindsay-18Horse Creek with Zack and Lindsay-19Horse Creek with Zack and Lindsay-21Horse Creek with Zack and Lindsay-22Horse Creek with Zack and Lindsay-23Horse Creek with Zack and Lindsay-24Horse Creek with Zack and Lindsay-25


Another absolutely gorgeous day despite the weather threatening to keep us out of the moutnains. After our second day of skiing we went back over to Rhino’s in Bridgeport (for the Pastrami Burger, of course) followed by two respective visits to the acclaimed Travertine Hot Springs for amazing soaks with views of the mountains. Life couldn’t be much better!


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