Camp Aloha 2017 – Skiing Desolation Wilderness from Lake Aloha

“People don’t notice whether it’s winter or summer if they’re happy.”

-Anton Chekhov

April, 2017

For years I’ve stood atop South Tahoe’s peaks and looked down at Lake Aloha saying, “Someday we should winter camp back there and ski everything we can!” Well, this year, we decided to give that plan a go. Zack and I skied in from Echo Lakes earlier in the day while Peter and his buddies Lucas and John would follow later in the day or early the next morning.

Camp Aloha 2017 photos-2
Zack and Ralston Peak

As Zack and I plodded along with our heavy packs we came across some perfectly soft and smooth corn snow on Keith’s Dome’s southwest aspect. We dropped our loaded packs and spun a quick lap of excellent skiing. Eventually we dropped down to Lake Aloha and set up camp along its northeast shore

Camp Aloha 2017 photos-3
Our new home for the next four days, Lake Aloha

The weather was forecast to be perfect Tahoe spring weather with daytime highs in the 60’s and clear skies with little wind. The forecast held true on our day of arrival as Zack and I set up camp and lounged in the sun. We built sun shelters and listened to some Grateful Dead talking about goals of not getting to sunburnt over the next few days out here.

Camp Aloha 2017 photos-6

Camp Aloha 2017 photos-9
Sunset laps over camp on Cracked Crag
Camp Aloha 2017 photos-12
Pyramid Peak
Camp Aloha 2017 photos-13
Breakfast in bed
Camp Aloha 2017 photos-14
Windy on the summit of Pyramid Peak

Camp Aloha 2017 photos-15

The next morning we awoke to strong winds and fairly cloudy skies (at least by Tahoe standards). With winds on the ridge tops, we toured across Lake Aloha, up to the summit of Pyramid Peak. Then we skied down to the lake shore and climbed back up to the ridge leading up to Mt Price and had some warm slow motion powder turns all the way back down again.

Camp Aloha 2017 photos-16
Zack with Jack’s and Dick’s Peaks in the background rising up from Lake Aloha
Camp Aloha 2017 photos-17
Peter and Lucas preparing to drop in off of Pyramid Peak
Camp Aloha 2017 photos-18
Lucas with Mt Price in the background

Camp Aloha 2017 photos-19Camp Aloha 2017 photos-20Camp Aloha 2017 photos-22

Camp Aloha 2017 photos-21
…up for another lap off the Pyramid – Price ridgeline

Camp Aloha 2017 photos-23Camp Aloha 2017 photos-24

Camp Aloha 2017 photos-25
Wind wall in full effect!

Camp Aloha 2017 photos-26Camp Aloha 2017 photos-27


Camp Aloha 2017 photos-44
We dug down and built our wall up to deal with winds and cool temps in the kitchen space

Camp Aloha 2017 photos-28

High winds with cloud cover characterized the remainder of our second day on Lake Aloha. We used the rest of our daylight and energy to build walls made up of blocks of snow to offer us some shelter from the winds.

Camp Aloha 2017 photos-29
Day 3. Fewer clouds and a little less wind, things were looking up!
Camp Aloha 2017 photos-31
Zack looking up at our tracks on Pyramid (to the left) and off the ridge (straight ahead)
Camp Aloha 2017 photos-32
An older roller ball nearly the size of Zack!

Camp Aloha 2017 photos-33

Camp Aloha 2017 photos-35
Climbing up to the ridge of Mt Price

Camp Aloha 2017 photos-36

Camp Aloha 2017 photos-37
…on to the next objective
Camp Aloha 2017 photos-38
Peter headed up Jack’s Peak

Camp Aloha 2017 photos-39

Camp Aloha 2017 photos-40
Perfect corn skiing back down Jack’s Peak!

Camp Aloha 2017 photos-41Camp Aloha 2017 photos-42Camp Aloha 2017 photos-43Camp Aloha 2017 photos-45

After a gorgeous last night on Lake Aloha I awoke in the morning to strong winds and snow drifted up onto the outside of my tent. Our weekend of lakeside Hawaiian luau was even further put to bed by about 4-6 inches of snow on the tents with high winds and more snow coming down! So much for 60 degrees and sunny! Nonetheless we packed up our snowy gear, got out our compass and maps, and slowly poked our way back towards Echo Lakes.

Camp Aloha 2017 photos-46
Touring out Echo Lakes in the with the late April snow falling…


Camp Aloha 2017 photos-10Sunset Aloha


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  1. Carolyn Hogan May 12, 2017 — 5:19 am

    Amazing Ben. Great photos and well written narrative. I can only imagine the peace and tranquility as well…truly off the grid! Glad you found your way out…I would have trouble with that! Love, Mom
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  2. More amazing pictures. I need to move to Lake Tahoe!!

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