Solo Mt Lassen Sprint – May 2017

“In solitude the mind gains strength and learns to lean upon itself.”

-Laurence Stern

I had a narrow weather window and just a few remaining free days on the calendar through mid June. As our historic winter transitions, seemingly overnight, into spring I am motivated to utilize every moment that remains. The checklist of peaks I want to ski seems it is added to each time I check one off. Spring weddings and early summer travel back to Minnesota means it’s time to take advantage of any last chances I get!

Sunrise over Honey Lake

Last week the weather window was narrow with wind and precipitation blowing in over the weekend. Stronger winds in Tahoe and south to the East side, paired with the opening of Highway 89 from the north into Lassen Volcanic National Park led me to look north for my time off. Working the night before and with my wife out of town I was also responsible for taking care of the two geriatric pugs at home. Road trip! I woke up around 4 am and hit the road for Lassen.

Skis on snow and headed towards Lassen by 830 or so… snow all the way to the parking lot!
Just a few climbers ahead of me making their way up the boot pack
Looking back down towards the parking lot… the pugs look like they are doing fine….
The final boot pack to the summit
Although steep, this year was far less steep than prior years with our big snowpack!
Nice ‘nose-drip’ selfie…
Summit views!


Summit shot! Photo credit to Jesse Kauppila, who I met on the summit, thank you!
Perfect snow. Corn skiing from the summit to the truck!

In the end the pugs and I had a phenomenal day on our road trip. A Lassen ski and some sunny green grass park time together made for happy lil old buddies after such a long blustery winter.

On top of a volcano!
The Mighty Bear (AKA Wally)
We took a series of sun nap stops on the way back home; nap #1
We found some lush green grass in north Reno (nap #3) – then back up the hill to TRUCKEE!

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  1. Carolyn Hogan May 15, 2017 — 6:31 pm

    Great pictures and engaging descriptions with added pug interest. Looks like a morning I could get into…if I could ski!🙃😝 ❤️mom

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