Lassen National Volcanic Park – Chasing Snow in California

I am grateful for what I am and have. My thanksgiving is perpetual.

-Henry David Thoreau

November 18, 2017

Lassen Nov 2017-2
Zack climbing with the South end of Lassen Volcanic National Park in the background

After such a successful start to the season up on Mt Rose Pass area last Friday, we headed up to Lassen Volcanic National Park a few hours north for the weekend. The snow pack was a little deeper and it looked like the storm hit a little harder up near the volcano.

Lassen Nov 2017-3

The forecast called for some rapid warming over the course of the weekend so we knew we were chasing diminishing snow quality and had to get an early start on the day.

Lassen Nov 2017-5

Lassen Nov 2017-9
I couldn’t decide which was cooler – this shot of Zack with Mt Shasta in the background, or the next one… 
Lassen Nov 2017-8
Zack and Mt Shasta photo #2; which one do you like better?

The winds had wreaked havoc on the park with very inconsistent areas of snow deposition and firm wind board. The skiing was variably good and suddenly horrible!

Lassen Nov 2017-10
Can you see texture? 

Lassen Nov 2017-13Lassen Nov 2017-14Lassen Nov 2017-15Lassen Nov 2017-17

Lassen Nov 2017-18
A cotton candy sunset.

Lassen Nov 2017-22

That night the wives arrived and we had the Holm’s over for a lovely camper dinner party in the parking lot.

Lassen Nov 2017-19
Morning stoke is high.
Lassen Nov 2017
The Sulphur works… “Did you fart?” – Lindsay

Lassen Nov 2017-20

Lassen Nov 2017-21
Sunday was a beautiful morning, then clouds rolled in by mid day, keeping the sun from consistently warming the snow
Lassen Nov 2017-23
Shiny pow…
Lassen Nov 2017-25
Zack checking the swing-weight on his MacGyver ski pole repair mid tour…
Lassen Nov 2017-27
Happy Birthday, Sara!

Lassen Nov 2017-26

Well, that wrapped up the skiing thus far… The temperature has climbed back up for the Thanksgiving holiday with highs nearing the 60’s around the Tahoe Basin. The next chance for snow looks like Monday of this coming week. It felt so good to stretch the legs and gets some snowy turns under way for the upcoming season. It is so hard to wait for the snow pack to fatten up!

Lassen Nov 2017-12

This Thanksgiving I want to take the opportunity to express my gratitude for all the friends and family in our lives. We are blessed to enjoy the support of so many, both from our respective families and our rich circle of friends. Thank you all, both near and far!



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  1. Very Nice!!

    Ben’s Dad

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  2. Walked up Mount Lassen many years back. What a place to ski, fantastic photos ( I like the second of those two photos by the way, 😀)


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