Better than anticipated…

With low expectations it’s very easy to surprise people. 

-Pamela Anderson


On Sunday the high down in Reno was about 70 degrees… the weather forecast called for dropping temperatures and a bunch of precipitation overnight…. hmmm? It really didn’t feel like ski weather!

Nonetheless, the by late afternoon the winds were howling and the rain was starting to fall. It was still around 45 degrees as I drove home from work around 8pm Sunday night wondering where the snow line might be tonight….?

Tamarack Laps Nov 27-2017

As the sun rose over Mt Rose pass, winter was all around once again with about 4-6 inches of pretty light wind buffed powder. The rain crust below was well bonded to the new snow and made for some great skiing. Monday was cold and stayed that way through the whole day, even as the sun came out it never got warm enough to radiate our fresh snow.

Tamarack Day NOV 2017-6

Tamarack Day NOV 2017-3
The sunrise on Mt Rose proper
Tamarack Day NOV 2017-7
Jeff D ripping down the Hour Glass on the bed surface from last week’s avalanche

I won’t be posting everyday of local turns on here all season long… but so far the stoke is high. It just feels so great to get out and fly through the snow again I gotta share some it!

Tamarack Day NOV 2017-9
Brennan L making it look deep!
Tamarack Day NOV 2017-11
Yeah Zack!
Tamarack Day NOV 2017-14
…and of course, Sara BC
Tamarack Day NOV 2017-15
You gotta remember these mornings! Sunrise stoke was high and simple perfect pow left us all with big smiles!

Tamarack Day NOV 2017-12

Tamarack Day NOV 2017-4


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  1. Pretty cool! Ben’s Dad

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  2. Keep sharing those photos, I love ‘em! 😎


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