The Goods Are Out There…

“I am either a storm or a drought. In-betweens have never been my thing.”

-Sanober Khan


DSC_0174February 2018

Here are some shots from a tour a few weeks ago. The sparse snow cover on the approach was not confidence inspiring but we knew we were planning on skiing a different aspect. The day ended up being gorgeous. The skiing ended up being really great. This recent phenomenon is certainly the glass half full of this drought season – we keep having the lowest of expectations and being pleasantly surprised – this day was no different. DSC_0179DSC_0184DSC_0259

Lainey is a great ski dog. She does a good job of staying well away from ski edges and keeps up well on a fairly good length day. The few photos of her charging next to owner Aaron are some of my favorite!


Aaron and Lainey ripping!





DSC_0373DSC_0256This was just one of those days where the light, snow and pictures all came together for some great shots. Still waiting for winter to really come here in the Sierras. Some friends and myself are traveling up to BC in a few weeks so hopefully we’ll at least get a little snow up there!DSC_0364


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