A Powder Day In Oregon – our annual trip to Government Camp

It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them.

Ralph Waldo Emerson


February 2018

Well, once again we were rewarded for our efforts to find some snow, good food and good company in visiting Oregon. We convened upon the Portland Airport in hopes the snow in the forecast would deliver, and we would hit the narrow window to catch it. Chances were looking good for a day of skiing cold snow on Friday and it didn’t disappoint.


Despite forecasts calling for warming and continued precipitation through the weekend, it looked as though Friday would still be a cold powder day. We had a great time catching up and skiing through Timberline’s rolling terrain and floaty forgiving powder. It was refreshing to see some actual winter with the PNW trees completely covered in rime ice and snow. Unfortunately… that would not last.


This happened to be my first day out on the new powder boards, the Faction CT 4.0 with Kingpins. I loved them. Very fun skis.

DSC_0544By our second morning we awoke to the sound of water dripping off the roof and trees. Even before sunrise the temperatures were above freezing and it called for precipitation all day. The group called off skiing due to rain all day. On day #3 the clouds lifted and the sun came out a bit. We were given our first glimpse of Mt Hood and the skiing corned up a bit. Overall it was a great trip to Oregon just like last year. Thank you Trent & Emily!DSC_0617



Mt Hood poked out of the clouds on Day #3



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