Eastern Sierra Season

If we knew what we were doing it would not be called research

-Albert Einstein

Kettle Peak, East Couloir

After last weekend’s success on the Matterhorn, PK and I were committed to heading back down to the East side for a little more exploring. A few years ago I skied the Hulk in Little Slide Canyon and spent the whole day looking across the canyon at the aesthetic couloirs that lead the way up Kettle Peak. It has been on my list ever since. We decided to set out for Kettle to look at it’s primary two couloirs and decide which looked like it would ski better.

The winds picking up as we climbed

The spires of Kettle Peak coming into view

The winds and clouds kept the temps low for most of the day. The northeast winds had worked the area in the days prior which made for inconsistent firm wind board and soft snow; this wasn’t the hero conditions PK and I had last week.

The Hulk looming in the clouds above

Kettle Peak, East Couloir

Kettle Peak hosts striking walls of stone that attract skiers in the winter and rock climbers in the warmer months. The lone spire jutting above the couloir is evidently named Reggae Pole. Fittingly the East Couloir has been coined ‘Irie Chute’. Just a little further up the canyon another, arguably more aesthetic couloir makes it’s way up Kettle, this one known as ‘Jah Bless’. Jah Bless was more filled in so we heaedd that way first.

Aaron leading the boot pack up Jah Bless

PK in the hallway

Topping out on Jah Bless, not too far from the summit of Kettle Peak

Aaron shredding Jah Bless

Booting back up

Little humans in a big landscape
PK having a terrible time

Some of Aaron’s shots from the day:

Aaron got a shot of me skiing down the aesthetic couloir


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  1. Thanks for sharing. Love pics and the commentary


  2. I’ve been drooling over this post for a while now. Amazing photos of a really special area. I think this is the year I finally give it a go in the winter. How long did it take you guys to get up and back down? I’d like to camp at the bottom of the canyon to do a couple of days in the area but it may have to be a day trip. Thanks a lot for sharing the post! Cheers


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