East Side Season – Part 2- Lundy Lurking

“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose.”

Dr. Seuss

Just a simple collection of photos from a day in the mountains from the second day of our most recent trip south.

Not without your typical Eastern Sierra springtime long walk down a largely snow melted road. Eventually we found the snow and began skinning.

Rising out of the valley below, the winds had died down from the day before and the snow was still cold and soft below the ridgelines.

PK and I ended up skiing the couloir directly in front of him in the photograph seen above.

The skin track switching up and PK kicking steps. …many ways to climb a mountain.

Topping out for the day. Cooler temperatures prevailed on the summit despite a sunny day. Recently, we had been dealing with warmer day time temps on solar aspects as well as that gnarly NE wind scouring the ridge top snow. The elusive soft snow was tricky to find but still holding on! Aaron went for a more exposed line off the summit while PK and I descended to the couloir mentioned before.

I was gassed on our second lap and found a warm sunny perch about 80% back up and waited to try to take some shots of Aaron and PK dropping in. Unfortunately my camera was out gunned by the distance and the shots weren’t that great.

We were able to ski this low angle field of soft snow at crazy speeds due to the smooth consistent snow. It was pretty glorious flying down this slope shouting back and forth to each other. My GPS said max speed of ~49MPH on this descent!

…and then, we went for a long walk in ski boots once again. Just another walk in the hills. Thanks for tuning in! At least one more Eastside write up to come soon!

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  1. Beautiful photos. Nicely word-crafted.


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