Lassen Volcanic Park – Another Glimpse of Winter

You never conquer a mountain. You stand on the summit a few moments; then the wind blows your footprints away.

Arlene Blum

Well, despite the fact that it is now May, last week winter informed us that it was not quite done, here in the Sierra.

Last Sunday we had a quick blast of cooler weather and precipitation. While the storm came up short of forecast snow totals around Lake Tahoe, there was more to be found north of town at Lassen Volcanic National Park. PK, Ashley and I battled through some wet snowy roads to get to the park the night before. We were hoping to be in position for one more powder skiing session before the season was over…

We were pretty elated to be skiing at all and especially to be gifted with a late season powder day!

Tracking up Mt Diller at Lassen National Park. The road to the desolated area of the park was closed briefly for this snowfall. We had intended to make it around to the north side of the park to summit Lassen Peak proper, but the closure led us to the southern park entrance and the skiing that surrounds.

Great turns off the top of Diller, on to Pilot Peak, then PK talked us into another descent down the long Diller ramp from the summit on the right above. It was all pretty glorious! The new snow made the spring snow coverage kind of sharky; meaning you had to ski lightly or you might find the rocks below!

Pilot Pinnacle

Back over Diller

The illustrious ‘Captain Kook’

The clouds rolling through the park made for big temperature fluctuation through the day and really striking moments of changing light. I missed quite a few photographs due to everything changing by the time the camera was out.

…yes, it was that good.

…and a final lap out.

Who knows, these may be my last turns of the year. Seldom in the Sierra do we finish the season skiing powder. I already can’t believe this was only last Monday. Spring has certainly sprung here in the Tahoe area. Hopefully another little storm sneaks in…just like everything, you better enjoy it before it’s gone.

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  1. Nice writing!
    Great photos (esp Kaptain Kook)!
    Tim Hogan


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