An Incredible Winter… and… Stella!

Winter is not a season, it’s an occupation

Sinclair Lewis

Parenthood is not a season, it’s an occupation

Ben Hogan

It’s not babysitting if it’s your kid.

Lindsay Hogan

Well, it has shaped up to a pretty phenomenal winter here in Truckee / Tahoe. Not only are we holding strong as the 2nd deepest season of snowfall on record but more importantly my daughter, Stella is 1 and 1/2 years old and appreciating winter for the first time. The highs and lows of an 18 month-old’s reaction to life can be both thrilling and crushing (all in as little as a few second window); we’re just trying to enjoy the ride.

Winter started early and didn’t really let up much all year. We typically get weeks to months of dry spells between snow storms but this year was nearly back to back from November through March!

As Stella has started to walk and talk she is slightly less into ski touring on my chest… She just wants to be mobile on her own… Nothing a few gummy bears couldn’t help with, though…

Sunrise skiing on Donner Summit

Poking around Desolation much earlier in the year than typical

Mt Rose Pass favorites


Sunset on Sunrise Bowl

Front Pack Faceshots for Stella! She loved it on this day!

Deep Pow on Donner Lake

Lassen National Volcanic Park

It stopped snowing for about 1-2 weeks…

Checking out the new Base to Base Gondola at Alpine

West shore times

She’s a force

Powder skier!

“Oh hi!”

In March it got so deeeeeep!

Full moon skiing

Front deck was just over One Stella Deep

Dave (Captain Pow) getting pitted!

Ski date in the neighborhood

House getting buried

Captain Pow at it again

Finding the good amongst the old avalanche debris on Mt Rose Pass

…..and winter ain’t over yet!!


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  1. Nice!


    Tim Hogan



  2. STELLA!!! You have the best life cuz you got the best
    Mom and Dad! What a year!
    Loved the pics of all this magic…poof!


  3. Stellaaaaaah!! Rad recap, Ben. Super glad to be able to share a part of this most imcredible year with you. And what great photos too. Besides Stella in pearls (obviously) and like-dad-like-daughter grin, my favorite is that creamy Donner Summit sunrise skiing. Holy wow that is/was gorgeous! 🤩


  4. Stunning photos and love the ones with you and Stella skiing the powder. Looks like the US has had an amazing powder year but here in Europe we’ve had another poor year.
    All the best from the UK


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